Life Coach Testimonials

“Julie Jeger is an integral part of my career and spiritual growth and I am blessed to have her as my life coach and mentor. She has a passion and love for helping others and her ability to bring the best out in me has helped me meet my challenges with courage and success. Julie has guided me to learn about and love my true self and my abilities to reach all of my goals and continues to reach me at a new level of consciousness that has enabled me to grow, release my fears and attract the success and relationships I was fearful of before. She is an amazing person and incredible coach. I highly recommend Julie Jeger if you need direction, counsel, motivation and effective tools to get you to your next level of success and inner growth.” – Jade, Public Speaker & Entrepreneur, California


“I have had the privilege of knowing Julie for a few years now. She has always been an encouraging friend.  I recently called Julie to chat and get her opinion on business. I knew there was something I wanted to do with my life, but felt lost. Julie started asking me questions about what I was passionate about, and before I realized it I was taking pages of notes. After our call I realized that I needed to go to school, so I started searching online and came across a nutrition school that had everything that was in my notes! I enrolled the next week! Thank you Julie for putting me back on track!”  –  Cherie, Ohio


“Dear Julie – I want to let you know how much I appreciate your boost to what has been an amazing last month to where my life feels the best ever – I love my life!

Partly, my joy and contentment come from having achieved so much recently – those results including increased cash flow in my little businesses, while creating organization and structure at the same time helped to shift my feelings from fear and stress to those of excitement and creativity, due to the increased sense of confidence, control and mastery. And partly, the feeling has been a choice outside of the accomplishments, since I learned from your many very helpful exercises including “choosing me” that I can get out ahead of my circumstances by declaring how I am going to feel – that my life is fantastic no matter what – then a funny thing happened, I started to get more and more excuses to feel great as things shifted with cash flow, relationships with my girls, and others who want to involve themselves with us including as partners and investors. Well, life is as busy as ever – now more of it is exhilarating because the successes are stacking up.  

The best part in working with you on my life – the parts that were in my face at that very moment – was that for each hour at a time, you created a space that was all about me – where my stuff mattered! It was in that space with your care, some helpful observations, and keen questions that provoked me to thinking about my situation differently that allowed me to create some big differences! Thank you so much for your support. You were the starting point of allowing me to experience the feeling of “from this day forward – I choose me!”  –  Andrea, Arizona


“I wish to say a few good words about a wonderful lady…Julie Jeger.  Several years ago I decided to attempt to supplement my income by joining a marketing program with an international company.  Julie’s friendliness and total willingness to help me succeed in my new business was greatly appreciated.  As time progressed, Julie and I worked more often together. She was not only a great helper, she loved to push the correct buttons to lead our entire group to greater achievements within the company.  Julie’s weekly team teleconferences were handled with great purpose and meaningful comments – she assembled a strong team by gently guiding us to success.  She is quite dedicated and follows patterns of successful individuals.”  –  Richard, Arizona


“Julie has a positive energy that is contagious, and you will feel like you can accomplish anything with her as your coach and mentor!”  –  Jessica, New York


“It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I am writing to endorse Julie Jeger as an effective and reliable Life Coach.  I have been working with Julie Jeger for a little over five years.  During this time, Julie and I have built a relationship that has seen me through difficult business decisions, stressful personal situations and some amusing quagmires as well.  From the very beginning, Julie presented ideas and suggestions with such ease and humor that she set a sincere caring tone for all our dealings.

Julie is blessed with considerable talent to see through the emotional cover of an issue right to its core.  She demonstrates a levelheaded, but soft-handed approach — not to solve a problem but to present the realm of possibilities in how it is viewed and ultimately addressed.  Julie always handles our talks with integrity and professionalism; her tone is compassionate and respectful; her suggestions are innovative and astonishingly effective.

Julie goes the extra mile, takes the extra time, gives the extra thought … and it really makes a difference.  She has helped me to accept one of life’s greatest gifts … love of self.  Because of her, I am a better person, not just to my family, friends and all I encounter but also to myself.  My life is fuller and my outlook more positive.

As you can see, I have enormous respect for Julie Jeger, the Life Coach and the person.  She is my confidant and I am pleased to continue our work together.  I hope my perspective will be helpful to you as you evaluate the work of this exceptional woman.”Linda, Kinnelon, NJ



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