Angel Card Readings

Throughout her life Julie has been aware of her gift of being very intuitive, and has the ability to see and feel energy.  Having “feelings” about things, and then finding out that what she was feeling was accurate, was quite a common occurrence.  Her keen sense of tuning in to people and situations is one of the gifts that she uses in her coaching.

Many Psychics, Mediums and others have often told Julie that she was empathic, and had strong psychic abilities, and have encouraged her to develop these gifts and use them to help others.

As helping others is what Julie’s mission is all about she decided to take the advice she was given, and achieved her designation as a Certified Angel Card Reader®.

In Julie’s words “I believe this compliments what I do as a Coach – it’s helping people.  When I do readings, it is working with energy, intuition, and guidance from Angels, so the message is from the Divine.  The cards and I are just tools for that message to get through.  I love being able to give people hope, peace of mind, or a more positive outlook.  If I can help others feel a sense of relief, feel good, excited or positive, then I’m all for it.  I am asked a wide range of questions from relationships, career, and helping with decisions, to just wanting to know what’s coming up next.”

*In order to keep her schedule flexible for her coaching clients, Julie books 30 minute readings only, by phone or email.


A 30 Minute Angel Card Reading (by phone or email) is $45

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