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This is your opportunity to get a feel for whether I am the right fit for you as your Coach. We will discuss your needs and how I can help you, as well as answer all your questions.

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Individual Life Coaching

Personalized Life Coaching tailored to meet your specific needs. These coaching sessions are conducted over the phone for Women across North America - so you have the comfort and security of being in your own home.

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Always Connected

Along with your phone sessions, you will receive additional tools by email as well. You can also reach out to me by email should you need me before your next session. We are a team, and I want you to trust that I am here for you!

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Coaching 101

Designed for newbie coaches who have completed their coaching training, and are about to start their business. Allow me to guide you as you begin your new journey as a Life Coach.

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Group Life Coaching

Check back soon for more details.

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“From this day forward…I choose ME!”

Make the decision to choose YOU today! Learn how to remove the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from being your best self. It’s time to believe you are more than enough, period! You deserve to live the life you want, and I can help you! Ask about your FREE initial consultation.

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Mary R.Bucks County, PA

“I have been Julie's client for the past couple years and it is one of the best decisions I ever made. "When the student is ready the teacher appears" and that is exactly what happened for me. My self-hatred was at an all time high when I found Julie. Although I was ready for the paradigm shift, it was Julie's teachings that helped me finally escape the prison of my own mind...

JadePublic Speaker & Entrepreneur, California

"Julie Jeger is an integral part of my career and spiritual growth and I am blessed to have her as my life coach and mentor. She has a passion and love for helping others and her ability to bring the best out in me has helped me meet my challenges with courage and success. Julie has guided me to learn about...


“Dear Julie – I want to let you know how much I appreciate your boost to what has been an amazing last month to where my life feels the best ever – I love my life!
Partly, my joy and contentment come from having achieved so much recently – those results including increased cash flow in my little businesses, while creating....

LindaNew Jersey

"Julie goes the extra mile, takes the extra time, gives the extra thought … and it really makes a difference.  She has helped me to accept one of life’s greatest gifts … love of self.  Because of her, I am a better person, not just to my family, friends and all I encounter but also to myself.  My life is fuller and my outlook more positive....

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Loss, Healing, Peace

FINDING PEACE AND MOVING FORWARD, AFTER THE LOSS OF A LOVED ONE The grieving period.  We hear about this a lot.  It’s when we go through incredible pain, sadness, shed a lot of tears.  We go through the “What ifs”.  We may have regrets. We look at Photos, recall memories both good and bad…all these …

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One of the most difficult things we will have to encounter is a burning desire to control everything and everyone, especially when things in our life are not going as well as we would like. However, holding on to the desire to control things that we cannot, brings with it a very negative energy vibration. …

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A New Beginning (Kick Covid to the Curb)

Wow, what a crazy time it has been this past 12 months or so.  Don’t we say that a lot?   Well, I want to encourage all of you to make the decision now to not look back anymore, and instead start thinking of this present moment as your new beginning.  This requires a new …

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