7 Easy Steps To Improve Your Mood

When you are feeling good, good things happen.  This is a great exercise to get yourself feeling in a better mood FAST.

STEP 1:  Find a place that is quiet and peaceful for you with no distractions, and get yourself into a relaxed position (sitting or lying down is fine).  You want to first “quiet” your mind – so close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, noticing and focusing only on your breathing as you do so.

STEP 2:  Remember a time in your past when you were feeling really, REALLY good.  An event that filled you with excitement and joy.


A time when you felt totally powerful
A time when you felt totally loved
A time when you really felt you could have whatever you wanted, when you could have it all!
A time when you felt really energetic, when you had tons of energy
A time when you fell down laughing!
A time when you felt totally confident

It’s important to recall a memory that is so powerful, that when you think of it, it makes you smile on the inside and the outside.

STEP 3:  Focusing on that event, you now want to create a picture of it in your mind, visualizing in as much detail as you can.  See the other people in the picture, see yourself in the picture – you are looking “in” to the scene that you have created in your mind.  Notice your surroundings.  You can imagine yourself floating above and looking down into the event if it’s easy for you, but you can look at it from any angle just as long as you are noticing everything.

STEP 4:  Now that you have a clear picture in your mind of the event, we are going to add more energy to it and make it stronger.  You can do this by adding more detail.  For example, if there are other people in your event, look at the expressions on their faces, smiling, happy.  Look at yourself in the picture and see the joy in the expression on your face.  Are you sitting, standing?  What are you doing?  Really soak this all in.

STEP 5:  Adding even more energy now, still with eyes closed, if you can add color to the picture in your mind.  Make the people, things etc. larger – your mind is acting like a camera lens and you are zooming in to the scene.  Can you remember any sounds?

STEP 6:  As you are holding the memory of this specific event clear in your mind now, see what you saw, hear what you heard, and really FEEL the feelings of that event.  Relax into the feeling until you can physically feel it somewhere in your body.  When you feel it in your body, you will know that you have truly connected with this memory.  Sit quietly with this feeling for a few moments really soaking it in, and benefit from the good energy you are bringing in to you.

STEP 7:  Lastly, take a few deep breaths, again focusing on your breathing as you do so.  Open your eyes.  How do you feel?  GOOD right?

Anytime you are not feeling good emotionally, you can now go back to this event or memory, recalling it using the steps given here, and change how you are feeling.  Remember, all that matters is that YOU FEEL GOOD!

With practicing this exercise, over time you will get to the point where you can simply close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, bring the memory into your mind quickly – and the good feeling will come to you almost instantly!  Your 5 minute exercise to feeling great!

Have a wonderful day!