7 Simple Tips – How To Keep Those New Year’s Resolutions

I am sure you are all getting back into your usual routines, now that the holidays are behind us.  So what about those “resolutions” – those little promises we make ourselves, goals we set, changes we declare we are making in this fresh New Year?

Many of us go through the same thing – we have great intentions, but then the “norm” happens, back into the reality of things – busyness.  Then before you know it, our resolutions (and ourselves) are put on the back burner…again.

Then from that point forward, we are constantly reminded of the fact that we did NOT do what we set out to do (sigh…I know…I’ve been there too).  Which in turn plays havoc with any limiting beliefs we may already have about ourselves.

So here are a few tips and things to think about, to help you KEEP your New Year’s resolutions, goals, intentions:

  1. Focus more on how you will FEEL after already having achieved this goal, rather than just focusing mainly on the timeline and the goal itself.
  2. What will you do differently once your goal is achieved?
  3. In what ways will your life change because of reaching your goal?
  4. How will achieving this goal affect other people in your life?
  5. Visualize what your life will look like once you have achieved your goal – picture it vividly in your mind.
  6. After answering the previous questions, visualize until you really get into the feeling of having achieved all that you set out to achieve.  Then start putting it in writing – as if making an announcement to the World, in as much detail as you can.  Like a Press Release!  Be descriptive “look at me!  Look what I did!  Woohoo!” and so on.  Celebrate!  Be proud of yourself!

This is not intended to replace any ACTION we might take towards achieving our goals.  It is simply to keep our energy aligned with what we want.  Your “feelings”, “thoughts” and “mind pictures/movies” about what you want, will have a strong impact on whether or not you achieve it.  It’s no good having intentions, but then in your mind you keep finding reasons why you think it won’t or can’t happen – this will only make it more difficult, or worse, prevent it from ever happening.

Remember that you have to have a vision first – then feel what it would be like to have it – then take some form of action (no matter how small), as if you expect to be successful in achieving it.  So BELIEVE it – don’t wait for the proof first, believe it anyway.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

So no more beating yourself up, or putting your intentions and yourself on the back burner again – get that announcement out daily and read it.  Then whenever you feel those seeds of doubt creeping into your mind, or you find yourself making excuses for why you don’t have time, get it out and read it again. 

You CAN do this – you DESERVE it, and you are SO WORTH it!