A New Beginning (Kick Covid to the Curb)

Wow, what a crazy time it has been this past 12 months or so.  Don’t we say that a lot?  

Well, I want to encourage all of you to make the decision now to not look back anymore, and instead start thinking of this present moment as your new beginning.  This requires a new perspective but let us take a look at why this is so good.

Amongst all the pain, fear, sadness, and loss that the pandemic brought to our World, there are sprinkles of learnings, lots of them.  These learnings are related to love, kindness, compassion, reflection, second chances, courage, clarity, our health, the planet, among many others.

As we look at these “sprinkles” they are a terrific foundation for a new beginning, a fresh start.

We know that what we focus on expands, right?  Let’s not give Covid any more attention than it has already received.  Instead, let’s kick Covid to the curb so we can begin to focus our attention on this new beginning, this fresh start. 

So, what do YOU choose to do with your second chance?

It may mean you have to think outside of the box or make decisions that are outside of your comfort zone – but when you stretch yourself outside of your comfort zone, you experience massive growth!

Remember that if what you have been doing is not working, then you need to change what you’re doing.  You don’t have to take a giant leap, you can take baby steps.  As long as each small step is moving you forward, it’s working!

I personally have done a lot of reflecting during this time.  One of my decisions is that my family comes first, no matter what.  Any decisions I make will first take into consideration how it affects my family, like the amount of quality time I get to spend with my grandchildren, for example. 

Balance…it has a lot to do with balance.

You do not have to give up one thing for another.  Just be mindful that you are giving a balanced amount of energy and attention to each area of your life equal to the level of importance it has for you.

This requires scheduling.  We all have great intentions, but we are often not realistic with our time and therefore “run out of it”.  So the things that are important to us, or would have given us a great sense of fulfillment in getting them accomplished, get left…until tomorrow, or the next day, etc.  Even worse is that we end up getting exhausted mentally, physically and emotionally, because we are trying to fit everything in, please everyone, and so on.  Scheduling your “tasks” and especially your “self-care” is pivotal in creating a healthy and successful you.

My challenge to you, is to take some time to REFLECT.  Reflect on your relationships, your job/career, your mental, emotional and spiritual health, your finances, and any other area of your life that matters to you.  Look at what isn’t working – and then ask yourself “am I giving this area of my life the attention that it deserves, based on how important it is to me?”.  If not, then take a look at other areas of your life and assess whether you are using up too much energy on those, than they need.  Balance it out.  Your physical, emotional, spiritual and mental energy starts to drain – so use it in the right places.

Make the decision for yourself today, and say:  “Today I am starting again!”.  You do not have to know the details yet, just make the decision.  No more looking back on the past for validation of whether you will succeed or not.  This is STARTING AGAIN – FRESH – NEW.  So, the only proof of whether you’ll be successful on your new journey or not, is what you do next 😊.

Congratulations on your NEW Beginning, whatever that may be!