Believe in YOU

One of the major blocks I find when working with clients, is when they feel they are in competition with others, either personally or professionally.

What I want you to know is that there is NO competition!  EVER.

When you were born a masterpiece was created that is unique.  This masterpiece is YOU.  There is no other copy – you are it!

Given this fact, comparing yourself to others is futile.  There is no comparison.  Your gifts, what you have to offer, will always set you apart from everyone else.  The key is to recognize these gifts, and use them, rather than trying to be like someone else.

When you are connected with who you truly are and fully accepting of yourself, you will find that you have a strong motivation to move forward – this belief “moves mountains”.

In personal relationships, it is my belief that when the person and timing is right, you will know it, and he or she will show up in your life.  If it hasn’t happened for you yet – then it is not time.  This could be that you have not yet created an environment within you to receive the loving relationship that you desire.  If this is the case, then the correct action would be to work on changing the subconscious beliefs that are holding you back.  It could also be that you have things to learn about yourself still.  Or, that the ideal partner you are wanting just hasn’t found his way to you yet.  In this case, ask yourself if you are placing yourself in a position where he or she has the opportunity to find you – in other words, are you going out?  Are you online?  Make yourself accessible.

It has nothing to do with your value or worthiness – you are more than enough!

In professional matters, it is my belief that if you want to be of service to others, and you believe that you have something to offer that will benefit them, you will be successful.  If this hasn’t happened for you yet, then you also need to look into what subconscious beliefs are holding you back.  Maybe you feel that “if I only had more training/education”, “if I only had more money”, “if I only had more experience”.  If you believe that you always need something more in order to do something, you will not move forward.  Have the belief and the confidence in what YOU have to give, rather than comparing yourself to what anyone else is doing.  Take a leap of faith and just DO IT.

Again, this has nothing to do with your value or worthiness – you are more than enough!

Getting the picture yet?  J

So, decide what you want in an ideal partner.  Decide what you want to do in your career/job.  Then focus on what you can do NOW relating to these things, as IF you expect to receive them.

Don’t place limitations on yourself with “what ifs” or “buts”.  What’s the worst that can happen?  You don’t do anything different, and things stay exactly the way they are, or worse?  OR, you make some tiny changes, starting with your thinking, and maybe things start turning around for you.  What sounds better?

Remember – you are not in competition with other people.  Others are drawn to you because of what you have going on inside of you – whatever you believe about yourself, others will too.  Value, respect, and believe in yourself and what YOU have to offer, and the rest will take care of itself in Divine timing.

“Remember, you have been criticizing yourself for years and it hasn’t worked.  Try approving of yourself and see what happens!”  – Louise Hay

Believing in YOU,