COVID-19 and Feeling Depressed

The COVID-19 pandemic has been, and continues to be devastating across the Globe. Mental and emotional health have been particularly impacted in such a negative way, it is truly heartbreaking.

Many people are suffering from depression at this time. Some fear being alone, and given that we are being asked to isolate ourselves this is quite traumatic for them.

We all watch the news, and it is easy to absorb the negative energy surrounding this situation.  Even though this is an actuality, that we are struggling through a very difficult Health crisis, we need to remind ourselves that negative energy effects us emotionally, mentally and physically as well. So it’s crucial that we do things or take certain steps to counteract that negativity each day.

Feeling that we don’t have control is a main cause of stress and feeling depressed.  So this is an extremely important time to focus on our self care.  Self Care is one thing that we DO have control over.  So a way to have a positive impact on our well-being, is to make the decision to take care of us.

Meditation of course, is an excellent way to calm the mind. There are many apps out there now that are free, that you can download onto your phone so that it is convenient for you to listen to at any time.

Exercise will also help you to lower your stress levels. I would encourage you to be mindful of what you are listening to or watching while you are exercising.  Uplifting music is great, and so is listening to some inspirational podcasts.

Movies are a great way to occupy your mind, but how about watching a movie, series or documentary, that relates to spirituality, the law of attraction, motivation, and self-care, among many others. There is a network called Gaia that is amazing.  If you are interested at all in learning more about this universe, and connecting with your inner being, then this would be a great choice for you.  There’s everything from yoga classes, meditations, science, metaphysics, and so much more. There’s lots of content to help you feel positive and uplifted, and so much to learn.

Speaking of being connected, when was the last time that you had a video chat? Some of our family members particularly the older generation, are not necessarily familiar with technology and doing video chats. But now’s the time to help them learn how to utilize this great way of staying connected. Maybe pick up the phone and call them, and patiently guide them step by step on how to install an app on their phone, or on their computer if they have one.  When you connect with someone over the phone and particularly via video chat, it will fill you up enough to take you through the day, feeling a little less lonely than you did before.  If they don’t have a cell phone or computer – do a “drive-by I LOVE YOU”.

We have probably all gone through the baking like a maniac phase, and decluttering everything in sight. But how about the good old just pampering yourself?  Give yourself a little home manicure or pedicure. Run that bubble bath and put on some zen music. Do the skin exfoliating thing that you’ve been putting off for weeks. Pamper your feet by getting rid of the hard skin and rubbing them with some stimulating oils.  Read that book that you’ve had on your shelf for years.  Maybe you have some educational courses that you purchased online years ago, and you never got chance to listen to or watch.  Ohhh the photo albums!! Remember those boxes full of photos that you have in the basement or garage? Now might be a great time to start getting those out and making yourself smile by looking at the pics, but then organizing them into some nice photo albums at the same time.

What about writing your Bucket List?  All the things you want to do in this lifetime.  Not what you “think” you can do, but what you WANT to do – no limitations allowed.

How many of you have always wanted to try that crazy hair colour, but never had the courage to do it – GO FOR IT!!  Call it Covid-Purple (or whatever colour it is).  Embrace it – show yourself that you have the power, the choice, the guts – sound crazy?  Who cares!  Do it anyway!  Just remember to take a selfie 😊.

The list can be endless.  But my message with today’s post, is I want to encourage you to listen, watch and do, anything that helps you feel positive, uplifted, and connected, and especially if it makes you laugh!  Oh the power of laughter.  Spend less time thinking about what you can’t do – and more time thinking about what you CAN.

Nobody is going through this alone, because at the end of the day we are in this TOGETHER.  Let’s not allow COVID-19 to take over our lives any more than it has already.  This too shall pass, and when it does we want to come out stronger, braver, and more determined than we ever were before.

I truly believe that the positives that will come out of this situation, are that we will have learned to be more compassionate, patient, less wasteful, and kinder to our planet and to others.  Now that IS something to look forward to!

As Women we are STRONG – we are more POWERFUL than we know – and I KNOW that you’ve got this!

With love and blessings to all of you.