Do You Have a “Love” Environment?

Well Valentine’s Day has been and gone.  It’s a time when some are happy and celebrating love with their special someone, while others feel very sad and alone.

I want to speak to those who are in the “feeling sad and alone” category  🙂

If you have struggled in the past with love, and having someone in your life that you truly feel connected to – your soul mate, that person that lights you up inside, or maybe you see glimpses of this kind of relationship but it never seems to last, then please read the following and let it really sink in.

In order for us to attract the kind of partner that is ideal for us in every way – we need to first ensure that we have an environment within “US” where love can survive.

How do you know if you have that kind of environment within you?  Start by looking back on past relationships and your answer should be pretty clear.

So to create a loving environment within yourself, you have to look at how you feel about YOU, what kind of things do you say about yourself, things like that.  Ask yourself these questions:

Are you confident or critical of yourself?

How do you handle compliments?  Do you say “thank you!” or do you brush it off with something that actually is a self criticism?

Do you feel perfect “just the way you are”, or are you always thinking that you are not enough in some way?

Are you focusing on the positive things about yourself, or do you find you are always pointing out your “faults”?

Do you feel you are worthy and deserving of love?

When things are going well, are you always wondering when the bubble will burst?

These are just a few questions that will get you to see how you “think” about yourself.

Obviously, we need to love ourselves first (not in an egotistical kind of way) and be accepting of ourselves JUST THE WAY WE ARE.

Yes we can always improve how we look, improve our health and fitness, and many other things – but we must first be grateful and accepting of who we are right now.

So my suggestion to you, is rather than attracting one bad relationship after another – take control and work on changing yourself from the inside, and create that loving environment first.  This would include working on how you feel about YOU.

Once you believe and feel confident, beautiful, loving and perfect just the way you are – you will find that the type of relationships you attract are those that add to that belief.

It all starts inside of you first  🙂

Here’s to LOVING YOU – you’re worth it, and you deserve it.