Dogs And Unconditional Love

I have often heard the term “unconditional love” thrown around when it comes to relationships, and giving love with no strings attached.  But I really learned what unconditional love truly is from my 2 Golden Retrievers – Max, who passed in 2016, and his Brother Milo, who passed in 2012.

They gave me love – no matter what!  Always loved me, whether I was cranky, happy, sad, or indifferent.  It didn’t depend on what I gave them – they JUST loved me.  I also loved them so much, no matter what.  I always felt better around them, stroking them, getting kisses.  They calmed me, and reminded me that no matter what was going on in my life, it was okay.  They were a reminder to “be in this moment”.  There wasn’t anything to think about either – I didn’t have to wonder “why” they loved me – they just loved me JUST THE WAY I AM.  In a way, it helped me to love myself more too…and it’s kind of hard to hate yourself when you’re getting lots of puppy kisses!

They seem to have this inner knowing, that you’re doing the best you can for them. And they accept that…fully.  They don’t need any explanation.  They don’t wonder if you’ll come back…they wait, because they know you’ll return.  Faith – Love – Trust.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if it were like this in all our relationships?  And I know that’s where your mind is first wandering…however, it would be even MORE wonderful, if it was like that in the relationship you have with YOURSELF.

If there is one piece of advice I would like to offer today, it’s “DON’T PLACE CONDITIONS ON WHEN OR WHETHER YOU LOVE YOURSELF” J.  If you want to receive unconditional love in your life, then you have to be willing to give this to yourself first – have an unconditional relationship with YOU.  When you place conditions on when you love yourself, then you will find you will attract relationships with people who also place conditions on when or how they love you.

So start within yourself – connect with the deepest part of you, reminding yourself that you’re a perfect spiritual being first, PERFECT – filled with love, love to give to others, and to yourself. Love is limitless – the only limits there could be are the ones we place on ourselves.  So CHOOSE love first, of course towards others, but CHOOSE to love yourself for the perfect, unique and loving person you are.

If you need a good unconditional love fix – then visit a local Humane Society, and love-up some of those puppies.  Or if you have one or more yourself, spend more time just holding, hugging and kissing with them, and really FEEL that unconditional love, and let it remind you, “DARN I’m so lovable!!!”

Hoping your day is LOVELY!