How familiar are you with the Law of Attraction?  It has been described as “that which is like unto itself, is drawn”.

The bottom line is – it exists!  There are many documented findings, resources, and scientific data to give added proof to this fact – but the most powerful way to prove it to yourself, is by actually applying the principles of the Law of Attraction in your life, and experiencing the amazing results.

Here’s how I became familiar with the Law of Attraction, and how I became a true believer.

First, several years ago now, I purchased the DVD “The Secret”.  While this gave me the basics on the Law of Attraction, and definitely opened my mind to the possibility, I wasn’t fully convinced.  So then I purchased the DVD “What the Bleep do we know?”.  I found this movie to be somewhat “deep” at first, as it discussed Metaphysics – something I knew nothing about.  But after about the first 20 minutes, I really started to understand, and then – I had my light bulb moment!  It gave me the scientific proof that my analytical mind needed to actually allow myself to believe that the Law of Attraction really existed in our Universe!

Now if you have not yet seen “The Secret” and “What the Bleep do we know?”, I strongly recommend you watch both movies, but watch “The Secret” first.

Here’s my basic interpretation.  Everything in the Universe is vibrational energy first, including you (remember, there’s lots of scientific proof out there if you want to dig deeper).  Because we are all connected to this Universal field of energy, it means your vibrational energy and that of other people, affect things either negatively or positively in our Universe.

When I say everything is vibrational energy – that also includes your thoughts.  It’s interesting to note that your thoughts can actually be calibrated, scientifically, to see the effects that they are having on your body – either negatively or positively.  You may have heard of the “mind-body connection”?

It’s important to understand that your thoughts create what you feel, and your feelings then affect the choices you make and therefore the actions you take, and so on.  All combined this determines what ultimately shows up in your life.  Or in other words, what the Universe gives back to you.  Whatever you are “vibrating” energetically at any given moment through your thoughts and feelings, much of the same is attracted back to you “magnetically” from this Universal field of energy.  A little like a boomerang effect.  That’s how the Law of Attraction works.

When your thoughts, feelings and actions are in alignment with one another, your vibrational energy is at its highest, and that’s when you are going to get the results you want.  The higher your vibrational energy, the faster everything comes too!  This is key.

Now, something to keep in mind here… Not every thought you have – but what you spend most of your time thinking about and focusing your attention on, is what will be the dominating thought that will send out a vibration, a signal if you will into that energy field.  So that being said – you will end up seeing much of the same show up in your life.  Good OR bad!  If you are having mainly negative thoughts and feelings, for example – thoughts about things that you are lacking in your life – well guess what? – you get more of that.

So if what you THINK causes you to feel a certain way, and how you are FEELING affects what choices you make and therefore the ACTIONS you take – it makes sense then to be very AWARE of what you are thinking or focusing on the most, right?

Right about now you might be thinking “Oh great! So I have to pay attention to every thought I have from now on!”.  Well no, because this is easier than you may think.  You actually have your own very powerful built-in GPS system – it’s your feelings.  Just like a car has a GPS system to show it where to go.  YOU have to use your FEELINGS as your emotional GPS system, to notify you of when you are out of alignment and need to change your thinking and your focus.

Paying attention to how you feel, and then changing your thoughts when needed to better feeling thoughts, will ensure that you are in a high vibrational state and sending out the right signals.  You want to be thinking good thoughts thereby creating good feelings to get the positive results that you want.  Bad thoughts which create bad feelings simply create negative results – which is not what you want.  So try to focus on what you want and NOT on what you don’t want.

Often, just thinking a different thought that feels better to you, is enough to dramatically change everything.

It’s a little like a domino effect – I’m sure at some point in time, your day has gone something like this:

You got out of bed in the morning and stubbed your toe; This got you feeling “grumpy”, and you waltzed into the kitchen to have breakfast; You spilled the milk, dropped a glass, or your cereal missed your bowl and went all over the counter or the floor; You (even more grumpy now) go into the bathroom to take a shower; When drying your hair (this is for the women) your hair just WON’T GO RIGHT!!  You can’t find that shirt you were going to wear because it’s in the laundry hamper; You snap at your significant other or your child; The traffic on the way to work is a MESS and you are late for work; Your entire day seems to be one disaster after another! 

Sound familiar?

Think about that scenario for a moment…what “thoughts” were you having, and what feelings were you experiencing because of those thoughts?  You kept on getting “more of the same” throughout your day, didn’t you?

It’s amazing how catching yourself at that first disaster – like when you stubbed your toe, for example – can turn your entire day around!  Stopping for a moment to settle yourself after your toe stops throbbing, and getting control of your thoughts (thus your emotions) and changing them, completely changes your mindset and ultimately your every move after that!  Try it next time something really annoying happens – Stop – Breathe – Change your thoughts – Feel better.  Trust me, it works!

Now remember when I said that the most powerful way to prove it to yourself, was to apply the principles of the Law of Attraction in your own life?  Well that’s exactly what I did, and I was AMAZED at the results I was experiencing, and excited about how much control I actually had over what I brought into my life.  You can too.

This is just one of the things I work on with my clients, as it’s so important – getting their energy high, showing them what to do to keep it there, or how to bring their vibration back up when it is low, and how to apply the principles of the Law of Attraction in there lives.  Once learned, it is very, VERY, powerful.