Remember to ask for Divine help

We are often faced with difficulties in life.  Sometimes it is just about decisions that we are having a hard time making.  Other times it is sadness, frustration, worry, and the like.

Whenever I am facing such difficulties, I always ask for help and Divine guidance.  Do you do this too?

There is a power much bigger than we are, that is always available to help us, if we just “ask”.  I call this powerful Source, God – you may call it something else.  But whatever that higher power is to you, it is there for your highest good.  This Source can make possible those things we think are IMpossible, and make a way where we don’t see a way.

Some people are concerned with how they talk to their Source, what to say, what to ask for.  My belief is that it really doesn’t matter “how”.  I speak to God like I’m speaking to my best friend – it comes straight from my heart, with no rehearsing.  I also ask Angels for help all the time.

If you have an interest in talking with your Angels, there is a great book you may want to check out.  It is titled “Archangels and Ascended Masters” by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.  This is a great reference if you are just learning about Angels, and explains in great detail who they are, what they do, and how they can help you J

When we have this powerful Source and Angels that WANT to help us  – it seems senseless to go through these difficulties alone – so ASK FOR HELP.

If you begin asking for help, you will receive answers…they come from within you.  It could be in the form of a feeling, or just a thought or idea that seems to pop up out of nowhere (like a “light bulb moment” – we’ve all had those!).

When you first start doing this it may not feel natural to you – it takes a little practice, but the more often you ask for help from the Angels the more comfortable it will become.  Just relax (don’t try so hard), breathe and let go…then ask.  If you have faith, you will become comfortable with the process a lot more quickly.

What should you ask for?  ANYTHING!  You will only receive answers that are for your highest good anyway – nothing that will harm you, or others  J

Over time, you will just have this “feeling” that you are not alone.  Let me tell you, in times of worry and anxiety, this is a GREAT feeling!  I feel as if I am never alone, and that I have an entire TEAM! You just have this inner knowing that no matter how things seem, all is well, and that you have the support of something much bigger than you, that is with you ALWAYS.

Blessings to you!