Stepping Stones

Sometimes we get discouraged when what we want does not come as quickly as we had hoped.  You must trust that as long as you have set your intention on what you want, and you are taking action and believing that it will show up in your life, then it absolutely will manifest.  However, it will manifest in Divine timing.  You need to accept that even if you can’t make sense of it – Divine timing is ALWAYS perfect.  So you have to trust, let go and have Faith.

So rather than focusing on how long it is taking (which only restricts your energy flow), you want to ask yourself “what can I do in the meantime while my desire is manifesting?”.

I call these “Stepping Stones” – in other words, it doesn’t mean you have given up on receiving what you desire, it just means that you are looking at things (actions) you can do in the meantime to move yourself closer to your goal.

For example – say you really need to make some more money.  You have set your sights on a particular career, because that’s your goal, and that’s what you are experienced in.  You’ve set your intention, you are focusing all your energy on that goal, and you are truly believing and expecting it will show up in your life.  But at the same time, it hasn’t yet – and you still need money, now.  So what do you do?  Do you sit back and just wait for your desired career to open up for you?

My suggestion is no.  You still want to move forward with the expectation of your career showing up in your life, but maybe you want to take on another job for now – any job – maybe even something that you are not particular excited about, so that your bills get paid.

This sometimes creates frustration and anxiety.  You might think – “I hate this job.  This is not what I wanted to do.  I’m more educated, experienced or trained on bigger and better things than this!  This is so beneath me.  It doesn’t even pay enough money.  What’s the point in doing this!”.

These are all very negative thoughts, creating low energy vibrations – which will bring you more of what you don’t want.  It may even stop you from taking any action at all, and keep you stuck right where you’re at!

So these are the type of thoughts I want you to have, if you find yourself in a similar situation:

“This is just a Stepping Stone.  It is not permanent, it is simply a temporary solution while my ideal career is manifesting.  It will pay my bills and I am grateful for that.  I may even meet someone who is connected to my ideal career by doing this.  How exciting!  Lots of doors could open for me!  I am taking positive action and moving forward, and that is always good.”

The difference here is the type of energy you are vibrating.  You are basically saying that you’re doing what needs to be done to keep moving forward, you are certain that your ideal career will show up, and you are opening yourself up to meeting someone by making this decision, that could be connected to your new career – something as simple as serving someone at a restaurant and striking up a conversation.  Remember, it doesn’t always have to make sense at the time – but it will sure make sense later.

So trust and have faith that Divine timing is always perfect, and for your highest good.  Then look at anything you can do in the meantime as a Stepping Stone towards moving you forward, and put that positive energy vibration out there!

Have a blessed day!