Trying To Figure People Out?

Do you ever drive yourself crazy trying to figure people out?  Things like – Why did they say that?  What did they do that for?  Why do they treat me that way?

Instead of trying to figure people out and over-analyzing WHY they do or say certain things – look instead within yourself, and examine how that makes you feel, and then connect the “thought” you are having that causes that feeling within you.  THAT is what ultimately is causing you to feel the way you do – NOT what they are saying or doing.  It is your interpretation within yourself, the meaning you give and the resulting thought, which causes you to be negatively affected.

The polar opposed of “effect” is “cause” – the cause is the action, the affect is the result of that action (or consequence).  You want to be on the CAUSE side of the equation, not the effect side.  The effect side is like being the “victim” of the circumstance, where you allow things to affect you – the cause side is making things happen, thereby creating the results you want.  This is simply a “choice”.

So work on addressing why you are allowing the situation to affect you by examining your thoughts, and choosing a different thought or perspective, rather than driving yourself crazy trying to figure “them” out :)

You want to get yourself in the place where what they are doing or saying does not affect you in a negative way.  So you would be in essence just accepting them the way they are, without judgment, and being comfortable in knowing that their way of being in no way affects or changes your thoughts, feelings or beliefs.  Be at peace within yourself…you have the ability if you choose, to look at another person’s actions and beliefs from a detached perspective – in that you are not condoning it, or even necessarily agreeing with it – but you are loving them anyway, regardless if their actions and words are not in alignment with yours.

By making this concious choice you are not taking on their negativity, you are reclaiming your power and holding on to your joy.

Blessings and abundance to you!