What Are You Nurturing Lately?

How important is brushing your teeth to you?  Would you ever consider not brushing, for a few days, a week, a few months, or even a year or more?

Probably not, right?  Why?  Because your teeth would deteriorate and you would most likely be in considerable pain.

So why is it that we feel we can ignore the biggest, most powerful and important part of us – our inner being?

Just like your teeth, if the inner part of you, your inner being, inner spirit, is ignored and not nurtured, it too will weaken and become detached, and can also create considerable pain in your life.

Did you know that whatever is going on “inside of you” is responsible for what shows up in your outer reality?  Think about that for a moment – let it really sink in.

If you are not happy with what is going on in your life, consider making changes on the “inside”, and your outer reality will begin to change.

We need to invest time in nurturing the soul, our inner being, as this is the most important part of who we are.  This IS who we are.  So what are you doing to nurture your inner being, to ensure that it is healthy and in alignment with everything you want your life to be?

I encourage you to research this more deeply.  You can begin by looking up books and programs on spirituality, matters dealing with the subconscious mind, and the Law of Attraction, and ways to get quiet and calm the mind so that you are open to receiving thoughts and ideas through inspiration.

One simple thing you can do on a daily basis, is take a few minutes to get quiet – close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths, and just notice how you are feeling inside.  Focus your mind on the inner part of you, and then ask yourself, “What is the most important thing I need to know right now?”  We all have guardian angels, ask them to give you guidance too, for example “what message do you have for me today?”

You will get answers.  It may be immediate, or within the next couple of days – but just listen and watch for signs.  It could be just a thought you have, or a song you hear on the radio, or you could see a sign or a license plate that gives you your answer.  Don’t try to force it, just let it happen and be open to receiving your message.

Learning to listen and feel what is going on inside of you – that inner nudge, will give you greater insight than anything else.  Take some time each day to invest on keeping this important part of you healthy.  Nurture it, and it will guide you on the right path.

Peace and Abundance to you,